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What is a powerflush?

Powerflush in action diagram

Christopher Plumbing Services can carry out a powerflush. This is a deep clean for the central heating system, using a powerful machine to flush out debris. It's an effective way of cleaning the whole system including the boiler, pipes and radiators. We can advise whether a powerflush would be suitable for your system and might recommend a powerflush in some circumstances.

Powerflush - save energy and money

Debris from corrosion and limescale can accumulate within the central heating system as soft sludge or hard flakes. This reduces heating efficiency and can cause blockages. It might even cause the boiler to shut down. A clean central heating system runs more efficiently, has fewer breakdowns and lasts longer – saving you money!

When is a powerflush needed?

A powerflush is recommended when installing a new boiler into an existing system (and it might be a manufacturer’s requirement), after installing a completely new central heating system or when older systems have symptoms like these:

Buildup of sludge

Increased fuel usage, causing up to 30% wastage!

Noisy boiler

Boiler noise and failure

Radiators have cold spots

Radiators have cold spots

Radiators have a cold top

Radiators have cold tops and need frequent bleeding

Central heating pump failure

Pump noise and failure

Powerflush machine

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Powerflushing aftercare

After powerflushing, a water treatment conditioner or inhibitor can be added to the system to prevent future problems.

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